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September 2020
CMS Eu­ro­pean Out­look 2020
Who da­res wins: Eu­ro­pean M&A 2020
21 September 2020
CMS Ex­pert Gui­de to Dis­mis­sals
The aim of this gui­de is to ex­plain exis­ting sys­tems of com­pen­sa­ti­on for fair and un­fair dis­mis­sal in va­rious ju­ris­dic­tions in EU, LA­TAM and Asia
23 September 2020
We­bi­nar-Rei­he Ab­si­che­rung für den Fall der In­sol­venz
Die CO­VID-19-Pan­de­mie zwingt Un­ter­neh­men nun schon seit ei­ni­gen Mo­na­ten zum Kri­sen­ma­nage­ment. Zwar wur­de für die Zeit von M?rz bis 30. Sep­tem­ber 2020 die In­sol­venz­an­trags­pflicht grund­s?tz­lich aus­ge­setzt. Dies führt aber nicht da­zu, dass es kei­ne In­sol­venz
21 September 2020
MES­SI vs. MAS­SI – Lio­nel ta­kes three points be­fo­re the CJEU
On Thurs­day 17 Sep­tem­ber 2020 the Court of Jus­ti­ce of the Eu­ro­pean Uni­on han­ded down its judgment in a tra­de mark dis­pu­te da­ting back to 2011 in­vol­ving Lio­nel Mes­si, the ico­nic FC Bar­ce­lo­na foot­bal­ler,...
CMS Bra­tis­la­va: New Part­ners
Oli­ver Wer­ner ta­kes over from Pe­ter ?i­mo and new part­ner Soňa Han­ko­vá is joi­ning the team of CMS Bra­tis­la­va.?Re­ad mo­re he­re!
08 September 2020
CMS Ex­pert Gui­de to Hy­dro­gen
24 September 2020
Neu­es zu Ver­hal­tens­re­geln und Zer­ti­fi­zie­run­gen nach der DS­GVO
18 September 2020
How will in­va­li­di­ty of the Pri­va­cy Shield and new ru­les for Stan­dard Contrac­tu­al...
In a re­cent ru­ling, the EU Court of Jus­ti­ce struck down the EU-US Pri­va­cy Shield and, though it ru­led that stan­dard contrac­tu­al clau­ses re­main va­lid for trans­fers of per­so­nal da­ta outs­ide the EEA, in­ter­pre­ted...
Published in CEE Legal Matters I September 2020
Lo­gis­tics and ma­nu­fac­tu­ring in Cee: To­day’s trends and op­por­tu­nities
Ana-Ma­ri­ja Sko­ko, Part­ner, CMS Za­greb, and Ivan Gaz­dic, Part­ner, CMS Bel­gra­de, sha­re their views on this to­pic.
01 September 2020
CMS Ex­pert Gui­de to re­struc­tu­ring and in­sol­vency law
Are you loo­king for in­for­ma­ti­on on re­struc­tu­ring and in­sol­vency law? This CMS Ex­pert Gui­de pro­vi­des you with ever­y­thing you need to know.
30 September 2020
AV­CO Di­gi­tal Round Ta­ble #3
AV­CO is in­vit­ing you to the third round ta­ble dis­cus­sion dea­ling with cur­rent to­pics of the Pri­va­te Equi­ty and Ven­ture Ca­pi­tal In­dus­try. The event is power­ed by CMS Reich-Rohr­wig Hainz Rechts­an­w?l­te GmbH.
17 September 2020
EU Com­mis­si­on laun­ches in­qui­ry in­to IoT sec­tor, dawn raids ex­pec­ted
On 16 Ju­ly 2020, the Eu­ro­pean Com­mis­si­on laun­ched an an­ti­trust in­qui­ry in­to the In­ter­net of Things (IoT) sec­tor, loo­king at con­su­mer-ori­en­ted pro­ducts and ser­vices with a spe­cial fo­cus on weara­ble de­vices...